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The Amplified Medical Story

Amplified Medical is a full-service healthcare marketing agency with 22 locations across the Midwest. Our parent company, Lee Enterprises, has been in the news(paper) and story-telling business since 1867. As the digital era expanded, our clients found that they were struggling to find a trusted partner for advanced products and services – such as websites, social media management, and reputation management. In response to this need, we worked to develop our digital departments in St. Louis and the Chicago area beginning back in 2010.

As the #1 provider of digital audiences in our market, we consistently ran into clients who couldn’t bring the vision of their brand to life because they were not able to contact (or even, in some cases, find) their original website creator, developer, or social media manager for updates. Our clients were looking for help to tell their story so, they turned to the experts. Being the trusted media source in 22 distinct communities, we ran into this need every day, and decided to do something about it. We created a sub department of our digital team, staffed it with web developers and digitally savvy folks, and began offering these services to our clients who were struggling to gain an edge in digital marketing. Back then, we were called the DMS Group.

Fast forward to April 2013: by then, the division had grown with enough business and staff to warrant a separate company, and so Amplified was formed. Between 2013 and 2017, we have more than quadrupled our product and service offerings, as well as our staffing. This growth has allowed us to offer our clients a “boutique” level of service, from a full service digital agency, which is now represented in 22 locations across the United States through our parent company, Lee Enterprises.

Now that the healthcare industry is growing increasingly more specialized and complex, we understood the need of a focused marketing team. In 2017, Amplified Medical was born. We have focused and fine-tuned our services to fit the specific needs of those in the medical field. Consumers don’t choose a physician in the same way they choose their next vehicle. It is important for you and your marketing team to work with an agency that understands the difference.

Why do healthcare organizations choose Amplified Medical?

Unmatched knowledge of local markets since 1867.

We have long-standing relationships with over 70 hospitals.

22 locations nationwide mean that we are practically your neighbor-no matter where you are.

We’ve been building brands and telling stories for over 150 years.

Your investment goes directly to the media, not agency commissions or middleman fees. We don’t run on a typical agency model.

We use the right AND left sides of our brain by developing engaging ad campaigns and then following through to analyze results and cost per patient.

We are product agnostic. This means that we don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. A good marketing campaign should fit your strengths and services like a glove.

We specialize in healthcare marketing and understand the unique aspects of promoting your services.

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We’ve been building brands and telling stories since 1867.